Internship students from overseas.

We directly connect university students with client companies and the student continuously work on the internship for a year at maximum.
Our Japanese language prior-learning program is in a good quality, so that we can offer chances for client companies to make the most of university students’ working abilities.


The basic flow of internship

The basic flow of internship

The outline of application requirements
for companies taking internships.

  • Accepting duration

    For 6 to 12 months

    We talk and arrange within these durations.

  • Costs that are required for taking internship

    Please contact us for more details on the expenses

    the expenses are for making partnership between oversea universities and Japanese enterprises, recruiting internship students in overseas, providing curriculums to students.
    Residence status application fee and other are included in the expenses above.
    As for pick-ups and drop offs of students when entering and leaving the country, we ask the client company to handle.

  • Expenses that students have to cover

    During the internship employment, the payment is calculated with the minimum wage that is defined by each of local governments.

  • Accommodation/
    Food expenses

    As a general rule, internship students cover those expenses

  • Management fee for students

    We ask the university in their home country to pay 10,000 Yen at minimum per month as the fee for managing students.

  • Industries of client companies

    Please contact us anyways and talk over. We are flexible.

  • Targeted Internship students

    University students who took classes in our Japanese language schools in their home country
    Students who’s major is relevant to the industry of the client company

  • Other precautions

    Please understand that internship students come to Japan for practical job experiences and they are not workers.

The above is some basic examples. We talk over with each of accepting companies and make the application requirements.

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