A dedicated career consultant talks with you and decide which of companies
that have recruitment needs should be the one we are applying.

Employment agency is where we receive requests from companies with recruitment needs and introduce appropriate human resource.
The applicant’s information is registered on our data base and our dedicated career consultant talk with you to find the job offer to apply for.
The difference between an online job search and our service is that the consultant looks for the job offers and that the applicant does not look for them on their own.
You can use our service for free to find out the possibilities, so that you can contact us to consult before anything else.

Not only that you can get advice for things you might not notice yourself such as how to write a Japanese resume or a CV,
we keep in step and work together so that you feel reassuring.

The consultant never introduces you to a company with which your employment screening clearly do not progress.
Putting the actual employment at the top priority, you can job hunt realistically in a good way. We recommend our service to ones who like to proceed at their own paces.

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